Everyone including Sons Of The Desert

In recent years Laurel and Hardy movies have not been seen on television. Despite this at least 10,000 people globally meet up regularly -- mostly once per month -- to watch Stan and Ollie's capers on the big screen. I run Northern Ireland's only branch of the worldwide Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society and we have people from age 4 to 94 in our 'tent'.

I worried about how we could get away with silent movies with so many young children present but the kids tell us that their favourite movies are often the silent ones.

So come on all you TV executives, take a chcnce and see how the public react to Laurel and Hardy. If the Sons of the Desert organisation is anything to go by we think you'll be both surprised and delighted.

We, the undersigned, would like TV executives, to put on a season of Laurel and Hardy two reelers (20 mins) and judge whether to extend screenings into future seasons by the public reaction to the first.

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