Petition Tag - academia

1. Stop Standard Based Grading

Standard Based Grading in High schools would lower every student's opportunity of having a good future.

Standard Based Grading is on a scale of 1-4 with 4 being the best, and 1 meaning you fail. There will no longer be homework or extra credit work to help students raise their grades.

Your final grades would be based off of your test scores only!

2. Polar es Venezuela, De la Academia a la Opinión Pública venezolana

Nosotros, integrantes y relacionados con la academia venezolana, preocupados ante los ataques que viene sufriendo Empresas Polar, la entidad privada más importante del país, con 70 años de presencia productiva e inversiones sociales en áreas fundamentales para la construcción de ciudadanía y de una sociedad justa, consideramos los siguiente:

3. Abandon requirement of Swiss Matura in Polish Academia

Communist government for many years regulated admission do Polish Universities blocking millions of Polish Citizens from higher education not less and German Nazi occupants.

This petition is to abandon requirement of General Certificate of Aducation (Matura) for admission to Universities (especially private) and Colleges in Poland.

Remembering Polish schools under Soviet occupation this exam was nothing but extorsion of loyalty oath by Soviet Union as graduees of Polish high schools were force to praise communism and Soviet Domination.

Pre 2nd war system stagnated by military regimes enforced by surrounding aggresive superpowers and originated from restrictive totalitarian systems of Prussian Germany and Russia seems to be also not suitable for modern capitalistic Polish state.

It it outragous that free academia especially private academia in free Polish state without Soviet and any foreign army present is corrupted by national standards and exams when milions are forced to stepping to low quality crime and prostitution friendly public schools without protection of basic right to privacy and self education, but noncotroled by tuition payments of Polish students.

4. Desovietize science in free Republic of Poland

This petition is to Polish Parliament to free laws abouts poish science and education.

The current law is the carbon - copy of soviet laws regulating science and education structure under military regime.

We ask Polish Parliament to take affirmative steps to desovietize Polish science and education. The current laws regulating financing and structure of Polish academia are nothing but make-uped Soviet laws corrupting freedom of education and science of Polish Nation.

Some of the afirmative steps sould be: lack of requrement of National Exams as entry requrement into Private Universities, Liquidation and clear condemation of Polish Academy of Science as Soviet invigilation device during occupation of Soviet Army.

The following steps are also needed: Liquidation of so called Public Institues, the highest form of soviet ties between communist military and science, Liquidation of so called Professor nominated, highest form of illegal invigilation of communist state over private academia having now the same rights and being obtructed like public, lay off of all scientific personell working under owe of occupied communist states PRL.

5. Ban American scientists from the privilege of a Nobel Prize

This petition is to ban US scientists from the privilege of a Noble Prize.

The US is using unfair competition practices and using Nazi immigration law against PhD holders from US academia forcing them to leave the US without immediate employement.

6. Ban grading in academia

This petition is to ban grading in colleges and universities as unconstitutional and leading to corruption.