Mail manager added for petition author contact

Published on Mar 04, 2007 has recently added a mail manager for petition signers and campaigners to now easily contact petition authors without the risk of mail being caught in a junk mail filter. Mail is now collected in each Gopetition members mail box, it has the added option of email notification, so users…

IE7 formatting improvements

Published on Mar 04, 2007

Today we have fixed some formatting errors observed in the Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) internet browser with the right hand search box. Please email if you notice any other formatting issues, as we may not be aware of them and they can easily be fixed once they are known!

PDF documents improved for multiple language support

Published on Feb 05, 2007 has recently updated the PDF signature download feature to properly display portuguese characters. We have previously optimized the PDF feature for other languages, however there are many languages on, so please feel free to email us at if you discover any characters displayed incorrectly and we will…

Petition URLs format changed to improve search engine presence

Published on Jan 17, 2007

Petition URL title tags have recently been changed to better reflect the keywords and title of each petition. Where petition URL's previously appeared as numbers, they will now more closely resemble the petition title text. This should greatly improve the petition search engine presence and corresponding visitor traffic numbers.

Gopetition introduces optional custom fields for petitions

Published on Jan 10, 2007 has recently added a custom field feature to the creation of petitions. This will allow petition authors to collect several fields of custom information, such as a question, or preference, etc. These custom fields will greatly increase the flexibility of the petition process. If you have any comments or… updates homepage and satellite design

Published on Nov 19, 2006

The Gopetition team has worked hard to provide a fresh look and feel to our homepage and regional satellites. The new approach incorporates a more user-friendly interface and a lists approach. This will allow our members and the general public to better access our rich database of petitions which is…

Petition closures are now logged and archived

Published on Oct 06, 2006

As petitions are now closed by their respective authors, we will be recording the result of the petition to begin logging all's success stories and failures. This will hopefully improve the online petition process and demonstrate how successful online petitions can be. Once petitions are closed, they will now…

Signature lists/comments now publicly available

Published on Aug 13, 2006

Gopetition has now integrated a public signature list feature into all petitions. This feature is turned off by default, but authors now have the choice to turn this new feature on to show the signatures and comments of their petition signers. New signatures will have the option of displaying their…

Gopetition upgrade receives praise

Published on Aug 12, 2006

Feedback for the new uprades has been positive. One author writes, "Thank you .... for updating the website and making available a way to remove [..spam]. I like the site... but when first arriving I thought I was on another page, LOL. Great job!"

Major site upgrade August 2006

Published on Aug 09, 2006

Today we have uploaded the first of several rounds of major improvements to These upgrades are designed to add flexibility to the petitioning process for all campaigners, organizations, authors and signers. Most noticably we have substantially changed the look and feel of the site based on customer feedback. Along with…