Today we have uploaded the first of several rounds of major improvements to These upgrades are designed to add flexibility to the petitioning process for all campaigners, organizations, authors and signers. Most noticably we have substantially changed the look and feel of the site based on customer feedback. Along with these visual and navigational upgrades, we have also substantially upgraded the management functions for petition authors.

The new management allows petition authors to better control their petition campaigns. Authors can now delete unwanted signatures, moderate discussion of their petition as well as selecting several new features, such as public signature displays and much much more...

We have also greatly simplified both the signing and petition creation processes, as well as adding better search functions. There is also a new page dedicated to featured countries, as these countries now make up the majority of users.

So far we have found a couple of new minor technical bugs associated with the change over, but no major problems. We urge our users to please contact us if you discover any technical bugs or have any other suggested improvements, as it is your feedback that drives the future improvement of