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His Excellency The President of The Republic of Zimbabwe

We the undersigned employees from all the establishments of ZESA countrywide would like to petition your High Office expressing our reserved solidarity with the Executive Chairman of ZESA Holdings Dr Sydney Z. Gata who has become an unjustified victim of personal attacks and vitriol by some forces that are eager to divert his attention from implementing the recommendations of the Forensic Audit report as well as other associated audits to turnaround the fortunes of the organisation for the good of all stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Such counter-productive forces had been playing their dirty games and tricks to soil the good name and image of Dr Gata at every turn through paid megaphones in some media to create hate and whip up emotions to ensure that he (Dr Gata) removes his foot from the pedal of bringing to book those that were found on the wrong in terms of abuse of power and resources. We are aware such dismissed forces are regrouping at every turn and are aiming their salvo at the Executive Chairman with the express intention of gaining unjustified ground to prove their non-existent purity and imagined innocence.

On that basis, we would like to express upon you Your Excellency that us, as multitudes of employees of the power utility shall not stand by and watch, but have seen it fit to declare that we are solidly behind him in his well-meaning journey of bringing sanity to the power utility. Your valued intervention to stop the madness of such counter-productive forces would be an occasion worth celebrating by us all, as we remain peace loving and productive patriots of our good country.

We the undersigned call on His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe to intervene and bring sanity to the Power utility, for the economic good and development of the nation.

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