Australian government

July 14, 2006

To ask that the sentences for sex offences both of adult and children be made more severve.

The way sentences are handed out in these cases are a travesty. The inept sentences serve only to re-victimise the victim and make it easy for offenders to continue to offend.

I am asking that the sentences for first offence be no less than 5 years Australia wide and that if a convicted offender re-offends post release that there be put in place a zero tolerance no second chance law that sentences them to life with no opportunity for parole How many more times do rapists and child molesters need to some that they are unremorseful for their acts and will continue to re-offend at every opportunity.

U people in parliament have the power with in ur hands to change this it's time we screamed NO loudly and put the message across that we as a society will not tolerate sexual predators FULL STOP.

When you read this thing of poor Sofia before you just dismiss my words and do your job speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, make the sentences just not unjust.

Think of innocence (of a child) then attempt to put a value on it, then think how long these sexual predators should rot behind bars.

Please stand up and fix the problem now.

We, the undersigned, will not tolerate sexual predators FULL STOP.

We want Zero tolerance for repeat sex offenders.

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