#Human Rights
Prime Minister Office - INDIA

Shri Manmohan Singh,
The Prime Minister Of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi.



Today we write to you in the aftermath of the incident, where a young girl of only 23 years of age was brutally gang raped and left to die while her friend who tried to defend her was beaten up.

We usually take pride in us being Indians, a country where girls are called the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi and are put at a pedestal to be worshipped. But sexual harassment is a less talked about subject that afflicts 50% of the population. It is a known fact, that every woman, be it then as our mothers, sisters, wives or friends, has suffered this indignation at some point in time and so much so that most of them silently bear this humiliation. It has become impossible for woman to move freely without a constant worry and a deeply ingrained fear.

What further, complicates matters is the attached stigma, which prevents most women from standing up against this crime. Police insensitivity in such cases and the lacunae in the law (Section 354 and 509 of the IPC being cognizable but bailable offences, and bail is known to be granted in a vast majority of the cases.), not being a deterrent enough, is contributing to the rising statistics of crime against women

The famous dictum, 'The role of the government is to make it easy for people to do good and difficult to do evil' is more relevant than ever. We therefore request you to act swiftly and decisively in this regards.

Based on the common sentiments and taking into consideration the practicality of the existing framework, we, the citizens of India petition for the following demands:

Amendments to the existing laws:

• Section 354 and Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code to be cognizable, non-bail able and non-compoundable across the country.

Enactment of the new laws:

• The Central Government should issue directives to the concerned committees (NCW and SCWs) to come up with a well drafted legislation for women's safety within 3 months.

Judicial Reforms:

• 1 specialised Fast track court to be attached to every sessions court for redressing offenses relating to women. Time lines to be defined for redressal of cases in these specialised courts.

Police reforms:

• Structured police sensitization is necessary with a curriculum in place. The curriculum should stipulate both the nature and the frequency of sensitization;

• Setup sufficient number of centres at various locations where complaints of sexual harassment offenses against women can be recorded;

• The Center should issue guidelines and directions to the police machinery of all states stating the manner in which the complaints in cases of sexual harassment should be recorded;

• The Centre should ensure complaints and offenses of such nature must be handled with due sensitivity and in a manner appropriately laid down by the law, so that a strong message goes to society in general and sets a strong precedent to prevent such cases in the future.

Social reforms:

• Promote a mechanism for empowering women by imparting information about their rights and the existing laws with regards to booking sex offenders and combat this menace.

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