All concerned

Millions in the world today have fallen and lost their lives to substance abuse.

we know people who have lost loved ones in drunk and driving accidents, watched their young son, grow up and turn into an addict, kids who see their mothers get beaten by their drunken fathers, and many more.
Drug dealers are found distributing and encouraging school children to take drugs. This has to be stopped.

Teenagers are actually saving up their lunch money and allowances to spend it on drugs,alcohol and cigarettes because they are simply addicted. They are not aware of the destruction these things cause to their body. Some children go through emotional distress and trauma, that they take to these substances for a short term 'relief'. They don't know about the bottomless pit they will fall into. They need to know about the hole it will create in their lives. We need to spread awareness.

We need to let as many people know so that we can save that many more lives. Its easier to Stay off drugs than to Get off drugs, if you use, you loose. These substances are not the answer, they multiply your problems. Let's stand together and rise up against substance abuse.

We as the youth, take responsibility and sign this petition to show that we are against the distribution of substances like drugs,alcohol, cigarettes etc... among people, especially school children and teenagers.

We sign this petition to show that we are ready to lend a helping hand to those who are suffering, and also that we will do our best to stop anyone from taking such substances.

We also promise to refrain from taking such substances as they cause much harm to us and the people around us and also spread awareness.

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