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On September 11 2001, Bianca Drummond Lost Her Father In The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. She Lived Her Life Sad And Depressed. The More Popular Girls At School Joked Her, Called Her Names, Harassed Her, And Threatend To Kill Her. Everyday I Wittnessed Bianca Run Home Crying. Bianca Was A Pretty Girl, But She Felt Ugly.

One Day I Sat Her Down And Told Her "You're Beautiful No Matter What They Say, Words Can't Bring You Down". And Now She Resides In Collier Heights, Atlanta GA As An Aspiring Fashion Designer.

This Petition Is Written To Help Young Girls Like Bianca Drummond To Overcome Any Obstacle.

The Petition Is Also Written To Let Young Girls Know That They Can Do Anything They Put Their Minds To.

Sign This Petition And Help Young Girls Boost Their Confidence And Self-Esteem.

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