YMCA of Sheridan WY
United States of America

We the undersigned hereby affirm our need for sporting schedules that are accessible and available to the population of Sheridan County youth at large. As a group, we are advocates for the youth of the community.

We the undersigned hereby affirm our youths need for a practice and game schedule that not only accommodates the school hours of the youth, but also, within reason, accommodates the schedule of the parent(s) who provide transportation for their children to participate in YMCA sports.

As a group we understand that not every parent or situation can be accommodated, but expect that practices and game scheduling should be inclusive of children in Districts 1 AND 2, and of the average working parent's ability to provide transportation.

For Sheridan County at large, we feel 4:15 should be the earliest time practices are scheduled in order not to exclude a large number of the youth population interested in participating.

We, the undersigned, call on the YMCA to build their youth sports schedules to meet the demands of the population at large, scheduling youth practices and games that consider not only the youths' school hours but also the youths transportation, specifically scheduling practices no earlier than 4:15.

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