President and Members of the Legislative Council of Western Australia

By not introducing Daylight Saving (DS) in Western Australia, we are inadvertently promoting an anti-social society that does not allow people to come together during the working week. Our ability to connect as a family unit, with our neighbours and socially as friends brings us closer as a society in general, and this is affected by not increasing the hours of sunlight during the summer months.

The latest sunset we have in Perth this year will be 7.27pm in January. Even for the very latest sunset for the year we are not allowing residents the chance to enjoy the world class weather our city is privy to. Established, progressive European cities such as London (9.22pm) and Paris (9.58pm) allow their residents far greater opportunity to come together to enjoy the season and promote social interaction, whilst Melbourne (8.46pm), Sydney (8.10pm) and Adelaide (8.33pm) also provide this benefit to their residents.

Economically, Western Australian businesses will thrive. By promoting socialising during sunlight hours, more business will be generated for our local restaurants, bars and social clubs which in turn increases the amount of money being put back into our local economy. For businesses who deal nationally, by not commencing DS in line with the Eastern States we reduce out trading window by 1 hour every day. This has an unquestionable affect on the profitability of businesses competing in a national market place, as well as the cost for efficiency in a reduced window for communication each day.

The most recent referendum for DS was on May 16, 2009 (6 1/2 years ago) where the NO vote prevailed with 54.56% of the vote. Colin Barnett stated at this time that DS "should not be considered for another 20 years". This coming from a Premier who held a referendum for extended trading hours in 2005, only for it to be voted down by a greater margin that DS with 58.66% of the vote, yet went ahead and implemented it anyway in 2010.

Let's push for a new trial and vote on this subject to bring about a YES vote on DS that will bring us into the 21st century and allow us as a city to prosper both socially and economically.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Western Australian Government to hold a vote in Parliament to introduce trial of daylight saving for 2 years, followed by a referendum for the permanent implementation of daylight savings in our state by putting the time forward by 1 hour at 2am on the first Sunday in October, and returning the clocks back 1 hour on the first Sunday in April, every year.

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