Lawyers can and will play an integral role in implementing solutions to the climate crisis. If you are a lawyer and you agree, please consider signing this statement, and then acting on it. Yes Law CAN.

To All Lawyers in All Countries:

Global climate change threatens our world and welfare now. A worsening climate destabilizes the environmental, economic, social, and political systems vital to human livelihoods everywhere. As lawyers from countries across the globe, we stand for reason and respect, fairness and justice, and today we stand up to protect and preserve our world, and in turn help our economies and habitats flourish, for all future generations.

We hold these truths to be self-evident. Climate issues are serious and complex, but solutions are known and achievable if public voice and political will rise to the challenge now. A just transition to a clean energy economy will ignite innovation and provide a better life, more liberty, and greater happiness for all. A stable environment is a place of wonder, beauty, recreation, and resource—a natural environment that individual people and their diverse cultures have a fundamental right to enjoy and a responsibility to protect.

Each of us intends to use our energy and advocacy to help the world achieve evidence-based climate targets set forth in current and future global agreements and in legal frameworks in our respective countries. Our efforts will encourage and embolden leaders at local, state, national, and international levels—in both the public and private spheres—to implement responsible climate action plans at their necessary pace and scale.

Now is the time for all people to work together for climate action. Now is the time to win this challenge for our world. Now is the time to prevail across industry, avocation, language, custom, border, background, and belief. Yes, now is the time when Law CAN.

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