Yakima CEO and board of directors
United States of America

We are overwhelmed and understaffed. We are exposed to patients with covid every day and and do not have enough supplies to use so we reuse our kn95 and n95 until they are soiled. Employees are working having positive test results and returning to work sometimes earlier than their quarantine should be. Our PTO is being used instead on EIT if we get sick with covid. We deserve hazard pay and paid sick time that doesn’t come out of our paid time off. We never asked for a pandemic and we all (all staff from all departments) have stayed throughout and worked hard so our facilities are staffed and access is available for patients to be taken care of. A thanks from corporate is not enough. Actions speak louder than words!

Please help us in signing our petition for

Hazard pay for all employees
5% Increase compensation for staff working with face to face patients
10 days paid sick leave, not from PTO, when sick to care for ourselves

We call upon the board of directors and CEO to consider our petition as we have given so much and put ourselves and families at risk during this difficult time when the world needs us the most to help care for them. Take care of your employees

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