Starship Entertainment.

Recently a member of the group Monsta X (Wonho) left.
We believe he didn't deserve the hate he got. And we want him back. Without Wonho Monsta X is not complete. Wonho was really great, he amazed a lot of us. And this is not the end. We need wonho, monsta x needs wonho. He is really important. If we want a monsta x wonho needs to be in it. We all are worried about wonho. We don't want him to think he is a disappointment to us, because he's not. We want him to know we're with him. All of us.

We want Wonho from monsta x to come back. So please sign this petition. Starship entertainment please bring wonho back.

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The We want Wonho back petition to Starship Entertainment. was written by Reem Al Shirawi and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.