Barack Hussain Obama
United States of America

Millions of Democrats who voted in this year's record-breaking primary season did so with inadequate and misleading information on the family history, political beliefs, affiliations, religious background, ties to criminals and terrorists, lack of understanding of rudimentary foreign policy matters, associations with racists and crackpots, failure to develop a coherent and consistent policy on any substantive matter facing the nation, lack of principles, lack of judgment, failure to admit errors, tendency to blame others for his own failings, failure to inquire and adjust his policies despite clearly changed conditions in Iraq, radicalism and anti-patriotism, ignorant promotion of economic policies opposed by virtually all economists, and routine lies, misstatements, backtracking, flip-flopping, false accusations, claims of victimhood, manipulation, selective editing and routine smearing of his opponents' statements and positions by the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party, BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA.

We the Undersigned certify that we voted in this year's Democratic Primary for Barack Hussain Obama, and hereby certify that we are WITHDRAWING OUR VOTE and no longer support Barack Hussain Obama's candidacy, and urge the Democratic Delegates and Superdelegates to take into consideration the fact that HAD WE KNOWN THEN WHAT WE KNOW NOW, we would have certainly voted for someone other than BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA.

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