#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

Thrills and skills for life is a company based in the UK offering activities for children, some of which involve animal trapping, slaughter and cooking.


This is their website listing the activity in two of their courses;


This is a post on their website from 28th May 2011 where children took part in and watched rabbits and squirrels being stripped, gutted and roasted on a spit.


Another post on their website from 6th April 2011 where children witnessed pigeons being skinned and helped to roast them on a spit.

Another post on their website from 15th March 2011 describes rabbits being skinned and cooked on a spit.


A video of the activities on this course showing a rabbit being caught by a snare and a pigeon having its heart and lungs removed. The video was made independently of thrills and skills and the children themselves did not kill the animals.

We, the people who not only believe in animal welfare and that animals should have to suffer as little as possible, only when necessary by food, but also that activities of this sort do not provide any educational benefit to the people involved in this course who unless very unlucky will at no point in their lives have to hunt in the wild for food, but rather cause unnecessary suffering to these animals, call on all animal welfare groups including PETA and RSPCA as well as any in the general public to back us in having thrills and skills for life withdraw all activities of this sort from their courses.

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