Department of Student Housing and Residence Life (SHRL)

It appears that most students who lived in apartment-style residences at University of Toronto Mississauga have received damage charges that do not reflect the actual state of their apartments at checkout.

Charges for merely vacuuming and dusting apartments often add up to $200-$400 for the entire apartment (e.g. $100 per resident in a four-person unit); not only are these amounts unreasonable, but it seems that much of this cleaning was done unnecessarily, if even completed at all. It also appears that the real motive behind these charges, given their wide-spread issuance, is not to clean or repair the apartments, but rather to raise funds.

Townhouse-style and, to a lesser extent, dorm-style residents were likely affected as well.

We, the undersigned, ask that all currently pending damage charges be withdrawn until properly reviewed by a third party.

Only charges charges with material, photographed, or otherwise acceptably documented evidence, should stand.

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