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Elm street church

Hello the reason I’m creating this petition is because someone I hold dearly to me, is being punished, disciplined or in other words banned from going to elm street church in Fitchburg, Massachusetts just because they are close to me. The pastor of the church is upset because he felt as if someone went behind his back to the authorities about a situation that did determine laws being broken. This female that is being banned had nothing to do with the situation. The pastor called the female by phone and told her that as long as she is in relation with me, she is not to be welcomed back to elm street church. She has been going to this church for about a year straight just to be told her and her daughter are not allowed to go to church anymore. They say church welcomes all, but does it really? They are excluding her and her daughter from church, might as well put a sign that some are welcomed more than others. God never shuts the door; church always must be open. Because God always keeps open the door of his mercy and offer of salvation to everyone, the doors of every church and every Christian heart must never be closed to others, Pope Francis said.
All over the world, individual Christians and the whole church must be seen as "the hospitality of a God who never shuts the door in your face with the excuse that you're not part of the family,".

We the people agree that Jennifer should be allowed to be welcomed back in to church, that there should not be any type of disciplinary actions or treated differently for something that has nothing to do with her.

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