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The Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for children and teenagers whose online profiles often attract aggressive sexual predators, federal prosecutors. The U.S. Department of Justice has joined with nonprofit groups to promote [a] public service campaign . . . which warns that personal information posted online can lead to abductions and sexual exploitation of
children. “Pedophiles are finding new ways and new opportunities to network with each other on how to exploit children,” said [a] U.S. Attorney . . . at a news conference where federal agents warned that seemingly friendly Web sites like MySpace or Facebook often are used by sexual predators as victim directories. “Young girls who are innocently posting very personal information, or their identities, on these sites are setting themselves up for disaster,” [he] said. (Filosa,
2007, ¶1–¶4) Taken from : http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/amp-632111.pdf American Psychological Association

This petition was started based on the fact that there have been too many incidences sighted where under age (under 18) people have fallen prey to people much older than themselves on WireClub.com. While the under age people are responsible in protecting themselves, and not instigating anything other than online friendship, that is not always the case, and could get themselves harmed in any number of ways. They are at risk for meeting people in person much older than themselves, and getting abused, raped, or possibly killed. Such things have happened in the past 25 odd years that the internet has been up and available to people of all ages. Young people are especially curious, and seek out the attention of older people to prove their worth and maturity. They may be responsible for their own protection, but that does not give people the right to prey on them. They are under age and are protected by law. This petition has been started to ask the WireClub Moderators and Owners to remove the G rating for adults to add to rooms, to hopefully assist in removing some of the risk. We know this will not stop it, but it will help. Please sign our petition. Thank you for taking the time to read our petition.

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