All Connecticut Elected Officials and Administrators
United States of America

Connecticut and its representatives must consider the impacts that these structures can pose and recognize the need for appropriate setback requirements based upon the demographic and environmental uniqueness of our state. Experts and agencies throughout the world with years of experience with this technology have recognized the importance of proper setback requirements to minimize impact to the safety, health and welfare of neighboring communities.

We are asking our elected officials to set a responsible example for a peaceful co-existence with this new technology. For the good of all the people, we need to establish a safe and sensible setback requirement for industrial wind turbines and make it a law in the state of Connecticut. Let’s not forgo public safety for the sake of our consumption.

Let’s be smart about adopting new technology and not just jump on the band wagon without researching and understanding possible impacts and consequences. The decisions we make now become our legacy. Let's keep our state safe, beautiful, and a desirable place to live for generations to come.

We, the undersigned, request, for reasons of safety and health regarding onshore wind energy facilities, that:

1. No large wind turbine generator shall be erected closer than 1,600 meters (1 mile) or 12 times its total height (hub height plus rotor radius), whichever is greater, from a neighboring property line or public road or path; and

2. No large wind turbine generator shall be erected closer than 2,000 meters (1-1/4 miles) or 15 times its total height, whichever is greater, from a residence, school, place of business, or health care facility.

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