The Management of Wild Oats
United States of America

A petition to reinstate a union organizer who was wrongfully terminated.

WE, the undersigned, are concerned about the termination of Fellow Worker Tom Kappas' employment. We feel that it was an unfair termination, and ask that he be reinstated without prejudice.

WE are concerned about arbitrary or confusing policies, and ask that a policy that can possibly lead to termination of employment be commited to writing.

WE are all concerned about the work environment, and have similar goals, along with management, for a functional and profitable business. We do not feel our concerns are unreasonable or detrimental to these goals, and ask that employees voicing their concerns do not experience retaliation.

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The Wild Oats Local 660 Union Petition petition to The Management of Wild Oats was written by Darek Ball and is in the category Employment at GoPetition.