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The European Court of Justice, The European Comission

Abuses that happen today in Romania, on justice and secret service, may happen tomorrow, in any country of the world.

Since its launch, Wikipedia was supposed to be a means of information and certainly, not to restrict the freedom of speech, how it came to being, shortly after its launch, due to the Secret Services that have found the weaknesses of the Wikipedia Regulations, which they have misinterpreted in their favor.
If the Wikipedia Regulations specify certain attributions that a writer must possess, for example, to be him included in Wikipedia, the Secret Services that have infiltrated their users from their covered officers, have used these attributes regarding notability as being good reasons to stop, the free expression of other users.
At first, the covered officers proposed each other to become the so-called Wikipedia administrators, which should have settled the abuses of other users of bad faith.
Once they have become administrators, instead of to reduce such abuses, these became the abusers who have created even and greater abuses, restricting the rights to free speech of users at the request of commanders from their barracks.
The recipe used by these covered officers is the following: First, some specialists from some domains are attacked by the covered officers that have become administrators, who have nothing in common with the respective domains, on the grounds that, according to the so-called free expressions, they have the right to keep a certain writer forbidden, for example, on reason that the writer would not be notable.
Of course, the specialists who have been attacked will respond not knowing that the so-called administrators, are the covered officers of the secret services, telling them that about the respevtive writer were written reviews in great academic prestigious journals by important literary critics, according to the Wikipedia Regulations.
In this case, the administrators, actually the covered officers infiltrated in Wikikpedia, will forbid the rights of the specialists from certain domains who did not agree with they, to collaborate further at Wikipedia, for the reason to attack the person.

Wikipedia's current rules give administrators, hence the covered officers, the right to block the users who do not accept the ideas of administrators, falsely claiming they have been attacked by the specialists who are simple users.
Thus, an ambitious American project, which should have led to the utmost free expression in the name of knowledge, has become a project that paradoxically forbids free expression.
Why would have reasons, these Secret Services in Romania, in the present case, to restrict the free expression of some users and to put under ban some writers exactly as in the days of communism or Nazism?
This time, not because it is about a certain ideology, but because these secret services are out of control, and have been divided into various structures, that hold various economic companies undercover, including publishing houses, serving the mafia interests of certain potentates.
It is not accidental that a certain individual who thinks himself a writer, but who attacked me with various insults through all sorts of publications on the Internet supported by the Secret Services, was published on Wikipedia as a notable writer although he did not have the recommendations to certify his notability, but he was proposed by a user whose name is identical to that of a general of the Roman Intelligence Service.
I sued three of the administrators Wikipedia Romania, but the trial and appeal courts have ruled in favor of these administrators without motivating any of the reasons I raised both, in the substantive and appeal phases of the trial, whose subject was precisely the violation of human rights in Romania, on freedom of expression, by putting me under the Interdiction, both as a writer and as a natural person, by the Wikipedia administrators, just as they were put under the ban, the writers who were not accepted by the regime, during Communism or Nazism.
Can be still accepted, in the Justice of our days, verdicts, court decisions, where, nothing, is not motivated, from the applicant's requirements, or even more, serious issues are omitted and hidden, such as placing under the ban, precisely because, in case it will appeal at the European courts, such as the ECHR or the Court of Justice of the European Union, to not even appear a fingerprint regarding the Interdiction to which a writer is subjected in his own country?
All these are extremely serious things which are happening in a country that is a member of NATO but also of the European Union, which is a signatory to the Justice Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (MCV).
All these lead to the fact that in Romania there are serious violations of human rights committed both by the Secret Services and by the Justice, where still would be countless covered officers, among judges, a justice about which a General of the Romanian Intelligence Service would have declared, I quote : "Justice is a tactical field of Secret Services".
It should not be omitted, nor the fact that both judges who have judged at the court of appeal the process of the Wikipedia administrators, whose complainant appellant is me, are on the list of the covered officers of the Secret Services, published by a newspaper with national coverage, from Romania.
That is why I ask the European Court of Justice, together with the signatories of this petition to prohibit the interference of the Secret Services in the act of justice, but especially to request the change of certain Wikipedia Regulations, which leaves the freedom of the infiltration of the covered officers of the Secret Services to the editing of this encyclopedia, restricting the human rights precisely in the name of their freedom of expression, which is that to forbid certain articles, after the orders received from their superiors and in no way after the freedom of expression on which must have it each specialist who wants to contribute to the vast knowledge of culture worldwide.
Abuses that happen today in Romania, on justice and secret service, may happen tomorrow, in any country of the world.

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