#Human Rights
CA Department of Education
United States of America

In the state of California and other places in the United States, the term "white" is almost entirely used on every standardized and state-issued test. This wouldn't be a problem if all ethnicities were refered to by color (examples: black instead of African-American, yellow instead of Asian-American, brown instead of Hispanic/Latino) however, every ethnicity is given the proper title except for European-Americans. This is a common occourance, especially on the Stanford 9 and other such tests.

Please, people of every ethnicity and State in the United States, sign this in the name of human rights, equality, and freedom.

To change the ethnic label from "white" to "European-American" on standardized tests in California, in the name of equality.

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The "White" to "European-American" petition to CA Department of Education was written by Gary Robertson and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.