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United States of America

The United States was founding on the principle of "No Taxation Without Representation." Sadly, there are places in America where taxpayers have no effective representation. We are asked to pay-up, but we ave no voice. This must end.

The President must issue an executive order that withholds federal funding from those taxing jurisdictions that effectively disenfranchise taxpayers. Such jurisdictions must find some way to give taxpayers a voice in how their dollars are spend by their government and how taxes are raised.

We hereby demand the President of the United States issue a statement supporting taxpayer rights and reaffirming our nation’s founding principle of No Taxation Without Representation”. Furthermore, we demand an executive order stating that the Federal Government will provide no funding to state and local governments that actually, or effectively by vote dilution, disenfranchise taxpayers unless they have including a Taxpayer Oversight Board in their governance structure.

We, the undersigned electors and legal voters of the United States of America, qualified to vote at the next general or special election, respectfully petition the President of the United States.

In witness whereof, we have signed our names on the dates indicated next to our signatures.

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