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Governor Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas; and Chief Randall Prince; Head of The Texas Rangers

On Sunday; August 13, 2017 Christopher Lynn Sanders vanished! Since that day no one has seen or heard from him. Chris suffered from Bipolar and High Blood Pressure and was taking medications for both. From Day 1 his case has been handled poorly by law enforcement.(Law Enforcement #170550) From the beginning there seemed to be little concern that a man who suffered from medical conditions and was on medication had just disappeared. It took until Friday; August 18, 2017 to get the missing person report filed. (TXDPS Clearinghouse#m170550) There have been no written statements taken or signed. There has been no ground search by law enforcement of any kind. Despite the fact that his Rv, Tahoe, and all his personal belongings were left behind. To further elaborate on the neglect to his case, Chris's car alarm was sounding the whole time! It took 9 months before any one collected DNA for the NAMUS Data base and a further 9 months longer and the said DNA had STILL not been added to the NAMUS Data. (NAMUS MP#39598) To add insult to injury, so to say; repeated calls by his family to law enforcement handling his case went unanswered. As did calls and letters to both of you Gentlemen. This is unacceptable. It is time for a change in how the missing are viewed and handled in this country as it has become an epidemic. From our small East Texas area alone right now there are 4 missing! We are asking you both to step up and lead the way to change in this area starting with Chris. It is time his children and the rest of his family were given the truth and facts to what has happened to Chris rather than the tired old excuse of "people sometimes just walk away" or " he has a right to leave." They have a right to know what has happened to him. We are asking you to stand by the oaths you both took to protect and serve the people of the State of Texas. We believe you to be good and honest gentlemen who cherish those oaths and the people you protect. Chris Sanders is a native Texas citizen. He was born and raised in East Texas and resides there today. We are asking you to find out what has happened to Chris through a thorough investigation.

We the undersigned add our name and our voices to speak up for Chris Sanders. We want you Governor Greg Abbott and Chief Randall Prince to order a full and conplete investigation into the disappearance of Christopher Sanders beginning with a ground search covering a 2 mile radius with the Monohans Affordable Homes Rv Park in the center. We want you to obtain signed statements from all present at said Rv park and all closely connected to Chris and this case. We are asking you to utilize all the avenues at your disposal. We want you to tell Chris's children what has happened to their Daddy. Futhermore we ask you to reevaluate the way cases involving the missing are approached, regardless of age, sex, race, financial status, or their past. We expect to obtain 100,000 signatures on this petition and we want you to respond in a timely manner upon your offices recieving them. No longer than 30 days after receipt.

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