#Civil Rights
The Minister for Small Business

On 22 August 2007 a media statement was released by the Western Australia Minister for Small Business stating that "even All Black supporters would be accepted, that is how desperate WA’s robust economy is for extra workers. "

This implies that if the economy were not robust "All Black supporters" would not be accepted and is direct racial discrimination under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

The full media statement is available here.

Australia and New Zealand have a long running history of giving heaps to each other but the line has to be drawn somewhere. This may have been attempt at humour by the minister however, if this comment had been made about any other group within society it would immediately be condemned.

If you're a rugby supporter, or supporter of anti-discrimination against any group within society please sign this petition asking for a formal apology.

We, the undersigned, call on the Minister for Small Business to formally apologise for the comments made regarding being so desperate that "even All Black supporters would be accepted".

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