Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has made a terrible mistake, one which he obviously fully regrets and is trying to do everything he can to save his family. His fans want to show their support and encourage the #1 golfer in the world to return to the world of golf.

Golf is just not the same without him. It is time to unite and let him know that his fans are still there for him.

We, the undersigned would like the following message to be delivered to Tiger Woods.

The Golf World awaits it Champions return.

Dear Tiger,

As you can guess by the title of the petition, we truly miss you and want you back.

We certainly understand and agree that you and your family come first. You have our full and unwavering support. Our heart goes out to you and Elin and hope that your efforts to save your family are successful.

Tiger, you are the greatest golfer of our time...perhaps of all time. However the game is not the same without you. The world of golf needs you and prays for your quick return.

Please come back soon.

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