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SHINee has just started their 5th concert tour and in light of this, we encourage everyone to grab their phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, and all of your gadgets to sign the petition for us to have our chance to see SHINee live and finally complete!

We are encouraging and imploring every single Shawol in the Philippines to sign the petition because through this, we can let them know that we are indeed waiting for a SHINee World Concert V in Manila!

We cannot achieve great things alone but by working together, so please also share, spread, and tag your Shawol friends to sign the petition!

We know that this is our dream as a family. Don't let negativity get the best of us. Stay positive and be optimistic.

Let us all show the world that we are worth to have SHINee World V here in the Philippines. Let us hold hands and unite in making this dream come true!

Aside from this petition, please continue to support other petition campaigns like
My Music Taste: http://mmt.fans/2kN

Sign it. Share it. Tag it. Just do it. Make it happen.

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