Prithviraj Chauhan is one of the most interesting and powerful characters of Indian history. His name is even today associated with the virtues of Rajput valour, chivalry and patriotism. His bravery on the battlefield was unmatched and he was known to be virtuous and principled until his death.

The "warrior king" as he was popularly known, was in love with his enemy's daughter-Sanyogita. He rode off with her on the day of her swayamvar before the watchful eye of her father.

His story highlights all the important aspects of life-duty, bravery, patriotism, friendship, family and romance.

We the ardent and avid fans of this serial request the channel STARPLUS to telecast PRITHVIRAJCHAUHAN on all 3 days of the week or either change the timeslot of the programme which is being hugely affected due to the transmission of a reality show, or a premiere of a movie, award functions n now nach baliye!moreover we don't get 2 see new promos which was done earlier but now it has stopped completelty and its really saddening on our parts as compared 2 other serials whose promos are telecasted day n night!in short we hardly get to watch prc being reduced to either once or none in the week.

We feel the injustice being done to our show as its always the target of a new reality show or any other show coming up on star plus, so please take our request under consideration as thousands of fans around the world we are writing to you with lots of hopes!!!

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