#Human Rights

Omid Habibinia's Facebook is disabled since last May after having some discussion with a pro-regime activist, we belive pro-regime users under fake names (such as..irani) misused facbook report and caused to disabled 4 year old Omid Habibinia's facebook who deleted all videos, photos, groups and contacts.

To: Facebook
Dear Madam-Sir

We are sending you this petition to request for the Facebook account of journalist and media researcher Omid Habibinia to be reactivated.

Omid Habibinia's account was disabled on May 19, 2010. It is not clear whether his account was hacked and then reported or if Facebook users with fake accounts (most likely supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iran regime) misused the "report" option.

Omid Habibinia performs his job as a journalist and defends freedom of expression. His actions on Facebook do not fit the category of violation.

I would also like to express my concern about reports of other Facebook accounts that belong to activists and bloggers that were disabled in recent weeks. I hope you find a solution to help Iranian journalists and political activists continue using Facebook as a conduit to keep contact with colleagues, especially during critical times in Iran, and at the same time feel protected from threats.


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