343 Industries
United States of America

343 Industries has recently posted an update about Career Progression on HaloWaypoint, in which they have informed us that, "Career Rank will begin tracking your Halo Infinite progression when it lands on June 20." This is an outrage! This progression system should have been a part of Halo Infinite since day one, so we should get credit for every game that we have played since day one. By not recognizing our dedication to their game, they are betraying our loyalty!

343, we have weather sooooo much in our dedication to Halo Infinite. We have given you thousands of hours, and countless nights. We have stuck with you when sooooo many have left. Give us the credit that we deserve for our loyalty. We deserve to have every game that we have played SINCE LAUNCH contribute to our Career Progression. With all that we have given you, why wouldn't you want to give us something in return? We, the undersigned, call on you 343 Industries, to recognize our commitment to Halo Infinite by giving us credit in the Career Progression system for every game that we have played.

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