Restore @antidrroga account !

Antidrroga is a group of artists, producers, musicians and humorists well-known in the Albanian show business arena. The group is not in any way affiliated with the anti-drug state department. Instead it aims at bringing justice through displaying the truth. Antidrroga is most popular for its innovative approach to public entertainment through bringing together young talent, music and humor.
The group aims at introducing western culture and ideology among young Albanians, to motivate them to transform the old conservative mentality that prevails among most people. Considering the current situation and political turmoil in the country, learned helplessness has taken over most young people. Antidrroga aims at giving back to the youth their lost hope and motivation, by helping them develop their talents and become independent. The mask used in most public appearances serves as a metaphor to symbolize the much-desired freedom that people in Albania only have if they appear anonymous.
Antidrroga started out as an Instagram page @antidrroga tailored with funny content and audiovisual entertainment. While its content was going viral and the audience was growing exponentially, Antidrroga decided to expand its team with new talented young people of different backgrounds. The team was joined by many new singers, songwriters, producers, actors, dancers, fashion designers, etc. With the new team additions, Antidrroga was ready to enter the music arena.
The first single that Antidrroga released was “VKMZ”, which premiered on July 18, 2020. The group released the second single “BARI” on September 14, 2020. After witnessing the success of these two songs, many young artists expressed their interest to collaborate with the group. The first artists promoted by Antidrroga on its YouTube Channel were Denley, Erso and Mario, who released the song “Jeten Du Me Pare” on October 18, 2020. After this song, Antidrroga released the music video “MEME” on December 2, 2020, “TEK PULL” on January 19, 2021, and “ERROR” on January 26, 2021.
Antidrroga continues spreading laughter and inspiration through its music and light-hearted humor. After a benevolent gift in the form of a handmade pair of shoes with Antidrroga’s logo, the group was inspired to transform its name and logo into a brand. In the future, the group’s vision is to enter new unexplored fields within the entertainment industry.

We are signing this petition to appeal to Instagram to reactivate the page @antidrroga because we believe it has been wrongly punished based on the pseudo-claims of an unreliable media channel. We believe @antidrroga deserves all the rights in the world to be an active page that publishes its own original content, fully complying with Instagram’s Terms & Conditions. Not only we believe that @Antidrroga is a page with full integrity, but we also think it has changed the lives of many Albanians through its music, humor and inspiring content, thus, we plead to Instagram to reactivate the page.

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