Government of Canada

The current governing party of Canada has issued a directive that reference to "Government of Canada" should be replaced by "Harper Government" in federal communications.

In changing the long-standing terminology "Government of Canada", the current governing party is seeking to equate its leader, Stephen Harper, with the act of governing this country. (Taken from "I Am (Not Stephen Harper's) Canadian" petition.)

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to cease official reference to itself as the "Harper Government". The term “Harper Government” is abundantly unclear, and could cause confusion within government, the electorate, and with our nation’s foreign relations.

We also put forward that as our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is a divisive figure for the Canadian electorate, that this poses an opportunity for the country to come together united, with one name that could fairly represent us all.

And that name is Valerie Harper.

We wish to acknowledge that Valerie Harper’s contribution to the mediums of broadcasting and entertainment transcend all borders, and although she is not technically a Canadian citizen, nor an elected or appointed official in Canada, that these accomplishments are worthy of acknowledgement. And what better way to acknowledge that than by making her a figurehead?

Henceforth, we submit that all Government of Canada official documents, communiqués, releases etc. use the phrase, “Valerie Harper Government” in place of the Government of Canada.

(Or failing that, we agree to change the name of the country to “Rhoda-esia”.)

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