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Patricia Telles Irvin, Office of Student Affairs. Tim Stevens, University Chaplain
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It has come to light that Northwestern University is severing its ties with the Tannenbaum Chabad House. During a meeting this July with Vice President of Student Affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin, he was told to “resign from [his] position at Chabad House and leave Evanston,” and that if he did not heed this warning, that Northwestern would end its association with him and Chabad house. The University’s stated reason, having to do with violations of Northwestern’s alcohol policies, has yet to be backed by any proof or evidence. Despite the unfounded nature of these claims, Rabbi Klein is now cut off from the Northwestern community. It is likely that he will be forced to leave his posts as faculty adviser at Alpha Epsilon Pi, faculty fellow at the Communications Residential College, and University chaplain. As a result, this page was made to support Rabbi Klein’s struggle to stay a part of Northwestern’s community.

The University’s decision to end its relationship with Chabad House and Rabbi Klein will have a purely negative impact on not just the Northwestern Jewish community, but also the Northwestern community as a whole. As a university chaplain, Rabbi Klein worked to foster understanding between faith groups across campus, while as a faculty adviser/fellow at Alpha Epsilon Pi and the Communications Residential College he has improved the lives of countless students with his wisdom and experience at Northwestern. In addition to these University posts, Rabbi Klein also lobbied for the creation of the kosher station at Allison, where students who keep kosher, halal, or simply enjoy eating kosher food can eat as a part of their University meal plan.

However, Rabbi’s accomplishments go far beyond his various posts at Northwestern. The Tannenbaum Chabad House is not just a normal house; it is a second home for Northwestern’s Jewish students, as well as a place of prayer, celebration, meditation, and happiness. Similarly, Rabbi Klein is not just a Rabbi or chaplain; he is a role model, an adviser, a mediator, a teacher, and most importantly a friend, who has positively influenced students, both Jewish and non-Jewish, over the past 27 years.

Northwestern’s disassociation will bring his nearly three decades of service to Northwestern to a screeching halt, making it much more difficult to continue his great and noble work at Northwestern and in the Evanston community. Join this page to show your support for Rabbi Klein and his struggle to stay a part of the Northwestern community.

We, current students and alumni at Northwestern University, call on Patricia Telles Irvin and Tim Stevens to reinstate the on-campus privileges of Tannenbaum Chabad house and reinstate Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein as a university chaplain, residential college adviser and head of the kosher food program

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