Coventry City Council
United Kingdom

As you may be aware, Blue Coat School was recently given permission to fence in their playing fields, more commonly known as Table Top. For years the school has had main use of these grounds for PE.

The awarding of this field has caused upset amongst some local residents, who are claiming the school are land grabbers! They have slashed tyres and put windows through on builders vehicles, basically acting like common criminals to make a point.

As parents we believe that the school, as with every other school on the country, has the right to protect it's pupils and to ensure they are safe whilst at school. For a number of years pupils haven't been able to make full use of the fields due to dog mess, drug parafanalia and illegal motorbikes tearing it up.

We believe that, especially these days, we should be able to send our children to school safe in the knowledge that they are secure, safe and not exposed to any random person coming into contact with them. This is their right as it is ours to ensure they are as safe as possible whilst at school.

Therefore we ask you sign our petition to show support for the school at a time when they are getting alot of negative publicity. I support them having enclosed grounds, I hope you all do too.

We the undersigned believe Blue Coat School has every right to fence in Table Top and to ensure the safety of their pupils whilst at school.

After all, we believe children's safety is paramount!

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