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Following email message for Geneva chief prosecutor Daniel Zappelli was sent to info@justice.ge.ch (the only address for Swiss Justice Ministry available) on 19 October 2007 and having not received any acknowledgement in this regard again the email was forwarded to same address with a copy to van.vertretung@eda.admin.ch (the Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver, BC, Canada) with a humble request to direct my email to the concerned Swiss authority and also requested an acknowledgement receipt to this message, but till today i.e. 6 November, 2007 there is no response from any Swiss authority.

All readers are requested to:

1- Please speak out and let your voices be heard world wide.

2- Remember "The best Jihad is speaking out in front of a tyrant".


4- Support this online petition.

5- Please also email it to concerned Swiss authorities on above mentioned email addresses or, if known, to more appropriate Swiss or Spanish Govt. email addresses.

The email message which was sent is appended as under:

This email is for Geneva chief prosecutor Daniel Zappelli, sent to the address above, as I could not find his direct email address.

Mr. Zappelli, I read on the web today that Swiss investigative Judge Vincent Fournier has wrapped up his report in the long running case of alleged money laundering by former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ms Benazir Bhutto and her husband.

I have also read that the report compiled into the whole affair has been passed over to the Geneva chief prosecutor Daniel Zappelli. Sir, you are going to make a decision as if to further prosecute or close the file because President Gen Pervez Musharraf has granted an amnesty to protect Ms Bhutto from corruption charges at home.

President Musharraf, who has been consistently declaring for over 8 years Ms Bhutto as the "biggest plunderer and looter" of the national wealth, but has now issued this amnesty as a political bribe to extend his undemocratic rule.

Pakistan is a signatory country to UN charter agreement on anti-corruption and I believe that your country, Switzerland, is also the signatory to this. No matter how the political expediencies in third world countries force the law enforcement to look the other way or unjustly victimize the opponents whenever convenient, but the western societies obey the justice system even if the alleged criminal sits at a very high pedestal in the society.

Sir, I urge and plead to your to uphold the justice and proceed with this case, no matter the Govt. of Pakistan has backed out. If you need a complainant then I being A Pakistani Citizen currently residing in Canada standby the original complaint of corruption and money laundering against the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms Benazir Bhutto and her husband.

I request you to consider this email as a formal complaint. If you require any personal information about me or a signed petition requiring a minimum number of complainants, in order to pursue this matter to its ultimate conclusion, then please let me know of any such requirements and I shall provide it to you at the earliest.

Sir, I humbly request you, please do not let this corruption and money laundering case go to a cold storage or dismissed because of non perusal by the Govt. of Pakistan. I believe in innocence of a person charged of a crime until pronounced guilty or otherwise after due process. That is why I again humbly request you to let the justice prevail at all costs and let us all bring this matter to an end in such a way that the whole world would see the JUSTICE SERVED THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SERVED.

Thanking you,
Ahmed Mahmood
Surrey, BC, Canada

For any questions you may contact me at ahmed_mahmood@yahoo.com

We the proud Pakistanis and the caring friends of Pakistan demand from General Pervez Musharraf and the Government of Pakistan to:

1) Cancel the recently implemented National Reconciliation Ordinance in Pakistan as it is discriminatory and violates the fundamental rights of ordinary Pakistani citizens.

2) Follow up and properly pursue the corruption and criminal cases against the privileged few that are beneficiaries of this infamous National Reconciliation Ordinance.

3) Install neutral interim government and impartial Election Commission for holding of free and fair elections to restore true democracy in Pakistan.

We the people and the friends of Pakistan demand from International community in general and the Swiss and Spanish Governments in particular to:

Pursue the ongoing alleged corruption cases world over and let the justice prevail at all costs and bring this matter to a logical end in such a way that the whole world would see the JUSTICE SERVED THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SERVED.

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