Hillary Clinton
United States of America

Abortion activist Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Democratic party nomination for president.

For the pro-life movement and the protection of unborn children from abortion, we MUST replace pro-abortion President Barack Obama with a pro-life president. It would be a monumental loss for unborn babies if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

If she is elected president, Hillary Clinton will continue to advance abortion at every turn. A President Hillary Clinton for four or even eight years in the White House will keep abortion legal for decades as she will stack the Supreme Court with pro-abortion extremists.

Hillary Clinton will force Americans to pay for abortions with our tax dollars, she will push abortion on an international scale, and a Clinton administration would continue pushing abortion in Obamacare and forcing companies like Hobby Lobby to pay for abortions for their employees.

Because of this, we strongly oppose Hillary Clinton!

We, the undersigned, pledge to OPPOSE Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign and to vote for a pro-life candidate for president.

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