Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Petition to Prime Minister Israel Ehud Olmert.

We oblige you!

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert:

We, the undersigned, people of the State of Israel, which has commissioned you to represent all our interests and for this purpose have handed over to you the attributes of authority above all Institutions of the State, oblige you to take all necessary measures for the immediate termination of rocket and mortar attacks against our country.

The amputation of a leg of one of us, the heavily wounded eight-year old Osher Tvito, has resulted in amputation of our long patience. We disagree to pay your long-term political appeasement plans by our suffering and blood. Enemies of our people should either reconcile today to our existence, or die today instead of us!

We have given under you command ours mighty Army that is capable to make any of our active enemy dead. You are, instead, intentionally limiting the military activity of our army, in fact encourage terror against our people.

You have to order a large scale military operation against Gaza, from where rocket and mortar attacks on our country are carried out. If you are not ready to protect us immediately then resign and clear the place for another person who is able to fulfill satisfactorily the duties of the Prime minister in the wartime!

We oblige you to bring down on the Gaza strip such a disproportional power of retaliation that will forever force any potential enemy to abstain from aggression against our people.

We oblige you!

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