house of representives , senate, president of the united states
United States of America

The officials that we the People of the United States of America elect to office are no longer working for us. Our politicians are working for the corporations and special interest groups that pay them large sums of money.

We need to stop this and get our politicians to work for us.

We, the undersigned, call on the House, the Senate and the President of the united states to reform election finance laws in the united states as follows:

1. No corporation or special interest group are allowed to contribute to election campaigns.

2. individual persons are limited to a $500.00 contribution for any one candidate in an election race.

3. the news media must give equal time to all candidates and not report only on their preferred candidate this would be considered a contribution and in violation of election rules.

4. Any group or corporation wanting to sponsor a debate must invite every registered candidate and must ask the same questions to all candidates and give equal time for answers from every candidate.

5. No other form of fund raising will be allowed individual donations are the only funding source.
if a corporation or special interest wants to help fund an election they may donate equally to fund ad time on television for all candidates.

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