One Free World

I understand the pain of the Cubans in exile. But, it is time to turn the tide because 50 years is enough! Even though we have technology that connects us with a click we are separated. The failed government of Cuba thinks it is still fooling the world but reality exposes that communism can not function for society. The thinking of the passing generation worked in the 1960s to trick the population but it won't work now.

This petition is one of many baby steps because I believe we need to get our foot in the door. All this talking about the concert in Cuba and all the different opinions is just the recipe I have been praying for. What we should do is ask God to break down the invisible wall of darkness that separates millions of families for 50 years!

Break the chains that are rooted in pride. We must put pride aside. The beautiful Cuban people have suffered enough. Lets get over to Cuba to restore, rebuild, and love. This action of love and mercy will bless millions and extend to healing the nation of the United States and the world. For Truth sets the captive free! The power of love is the greatest, it rides on a vessel of faith because of the One who made us.

I have envisioned the day will come. Like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, so is the freedom of Cuba. Lets light a candle of love with our heart and prayers. These things equal peace which is what we all want therefore the power of choice is in our hands so please sign this petition and join me in agreement for a free nation of Cuba.

I want to add to my petition the information from my trip to Cuba after 50 years. Cuba was in the 50s the 3rd most advanced Latin American country and now it is a third world country, this I witnessed with my own eyes. It is urgent that we labor for their freedom before we are all silenced.

Please join my broken heart for my mothers country to be free. The dream is to bring freedom to the people of Cuba after 50 years of darkness. Sign this to show an outcry, a demand for a free World. There is strength in numbers my friend. Thanks so much.

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