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A Three Strikes Law is really not necessary. There are persistent larceny and felony offender laws which involve significant enhancements for these types of crimes and offenders. We cannot keep creating laws based on one unforeseeable, and unpredictable events. People plead guilty to crimes they never committed every day to avoid trial, lost time from work and some just because they are STUPID.

These Cheshire guys had been convicted of enough violent felonies to keep them locked up for the rest of their lives. Home invasions and robberies are some of the most egregious and dangerous crimes and are usually punished as such. But no one could have ever foreseen that these two men would graduate from cat burglary to rape, child rape, kidnapping, and multiple murders.

Please THINK before you ask the government to create new laws. Research before you create petitions. The last thing we need is more laws.

Petition the government NOT to create a Three Strikes Law in Connecticut.

Please petition the government NOT to create a Three Strikes Law in Connecticut.

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