#Human Rights
All Freedom lovers!
United States of America

Historically we have allowed the wrong people to hold power, control information and re-write history and now we can see what a mistake that has been. Similarly, we are allowing the wrong people to govern us and dictate policy over us. Now we are also allowing the wrong people to control multiple different corporate Industries like the pharmaceutical industry, Global food production, and The Military Industrial Complex. If we do not stop this now the results will truly be disastrous for humanity. We The People need to come together against The Old World Order calling themselves The New World Order. We need to be clear with our collective statement. Let’s use this petition to notify the political parasites in Congress of how we feel about their ability to govern us. Lets let them all know together, We No longer CONSENT! They Don't Speak Or Act for Us! We Don't Want Wars! We Don't Want Imperialism! We Want Freedom For All!

With this petition I'm making a statement confessing to the world. I____________________ do not CONSENT to the United States Congress Representation. I do not recognize them as having any authority over me or my countrymen. With this petition and my signature We say in unison as American people You don't have my CONSENT.

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