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My campaign I want to start is WE ARE EQUAL!! I want a start a new law and to help make America grow and to stop hate crime. Let give Justice to families that lost their love one who died in the hands of the Law. These cops need to be hold accountable for their actions. Cops are killing innocent people over traffic stops or just sitting on their Porch. We need to put a end to this. So this one main reason I want to start this campaign. Another reason is we are all equal. Black or white, Asian and Hispanic will get treated equally. You do the crime you do the time. Don’t matter what race you are or age sorry to sound harsh. But that’s the law. Families and victims need justice. Rapist and are walking around free! Cops are beating up innocent people and falsely arresting citizens. We need Justice. It’s start with you. There more to discuss but that too much typing lol.

To make bring Justice to America! It starts with you sign up now to stop hate crime and bring justice for families who lost their love one. They would do the same if you was in the their shoes. Let for once make America Great. We are all equal we all the same. It’s start with you so sign up and let make America grow.

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