#Human Rights
France's President

Liberties' Army Song:
We are raised to respect each other,
They are raised to limit our rights!
We then fight to acclaim our rights,
They then fight to keep us at sight!
We will then rise at the sight of the light,
They will then die at the sight of our fight!
'Cause We are raised to fight until we die,
While They are raised to dismantle our fight!
But, WE'll stay tight until the right fight's sight!

We accuse France of:
-non-assistance to endangered people
-to keep a soft war or inside war by giving to youth all weapons to clean and cleanse the place
-to criminalize victims & to victimize criminals
-to sell a caption "liberty,equality & fraternity" it doesn't respect but that it used to be seen as an angel to screw all people's of their richness, lands and beings
-Crimes against Humanity that Justice must recognize & make it repay!

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