#Civil Rights
Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast City Council handed over all of the infrastructure and operations of water and waste water to Allconnex which resulted in increases that were inconsistent and unjustifiable to the People of the Gold Coast city.

Due to this increase and the forecast of increases for the next 3-5 years, the following petition has been formed.

We, the citizens of the city of the Gold Coast, petition the Queensland Government, to amend all Legislations and Acts pertaining to the supply of water and wastewater to this city that has allowed Allconnex to become the Distributor-Retailer of these services.

We petition this government for;

• The return of all infrastructure and operations of water and waste water, to again be controlled wholly by the duly elected representatives as chosen by the people of this city through our democratic process.

• Water pricing to be kept affordable and amply available at reasonable costs to all, and any yearly increases to be subject to the appropriate rate of Consumer Index Pricing. Any charges over and above the CPI, are to be transparent, accountable and in plain English for all the community to understand and can only be approved after a period of extensive community consultation and consent.

• Two positions are to be made available to suitable members of the community, as we see fit, to sit on a Board of Control that shall be privy to all operations, contract letting, maintenance programs, etc. and shall have voting rights on all matters on behalf of the community. This is to be a voluntary position and they are to be compensated for any loss of income as a result of this service.

• All salaries, bonuses, superannuation, redundancies and allowances of all employees of all levels, are to be approved unanimously by the Board of Control.

• All profits generated from the reasonable sale of water to our community are to be used wholly to the benefit of the City of the Gold Coast.

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