#Consumer Affairs
Selma City Council
United States of America

July 27, 2006

This petition was started in support of one of the hardest working women I have ever met.

She is trying to start a new restaurant in the Selma that will benefit the city and surrounding area in many ways.

Please sign below if you are interested in the opening of a fine establishment.

Thank You Selma.

Selma is in need of a new restaurant. Our community is very limited in eating establishments, particularly in the downtown area.

Plans are in motion to establish a restaurant downtown in the old Kyser Furniture building. Please do not limit job opportunity, new business growth, and more choices for the citizens of Selma and the surrounding area. There are those that oppose this new business's desire to operate as a liquor licensed restaurant.

Many of Selma's fine establishments hold and operate under a restaurant liquor license. Not allowing this new business to operate with a restaurant liquor license would place it at an unfair disadvantage with competing restaurants.

Please understand this is an opportunity for a new Selma business.

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