National Federation Of Subpostmasters (NFSP)
United Kingdom

"The NFSP used to be a trades union. but about ten years ago, the it was decertified and struck off the list of trades unions. This deprived it of its quasi-corporate status, and restored it to being purely an unincorporated association. Lacking corporate status complicated the enforcement of contracts and ownership of property, so around 2015, NFSP negotiated a funding deal with the Post Office(!), and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee."
"The members of the subpostmaster's trade association were not actually permitted to vote in the association's affairs: the National Federation of Subpostmasters' members are required to nominate a board-approved intermediary to exercise their vote on their behalf! Now in pratice the board has been letting subpostmasters appoint themselves as their representatives, but in principle, the directors have a veto over who can exercise the subpostmaster's vote."
"As a matter of public policy, the Post Office should not be handing what's effectively public money to an organisation which holds itself out as not being for its own members' benefit when in principle it is. Nor should public funds be doled out to an organisation with such peculiar governance arrangements. I shall be writing to my MP on this question promptly."

We, the undersigned call on the whole Board of the National Federation of Subpostmasters (NFSP) to resign & a new board to be elected from members.

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