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Opposition of HB157 and HB429

The above bills will provide loopholes allowing physicians to own and profit from physical therapy services. Proponents of the bill are trying to create a loophole to overturn Missouri's 30+year standing as having the gold standard of anti-POPTS in state law.

Self- referral of physical therapy services creates an inappropriate incentive to refer services in- house , thus limiting patient choice. The General Accountability Office (GAO) found that physicians showed a sharp increase in referral rates for physical therapy services when they switch to a self-referral practice model, further increasing profits for the physician.

Physician owned physical therapy services adds risk to patient choice, and underutilization of therapy services. In some cases, there are bundled payments and if physicians ow own the physical therapy services , they are able to profit from limiting the number of visits a patient can have . Less visits to therapy mean the physician can keep more money.

Opposition to these bills means better quality care for the patient. Physical therapist's want to work with Physicians , NOT for physicians. Practicing physical therapists have the skills and expertise to manage patient's physical therapy so that they have good, cost effective care with outstanding results.

Please take the time to contact your local state senator and representative to encourage them to VOTE NO on HB 157 and HB429.

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As a Missouri Constituent call on Missouri Senators and local State Reprensentatives to Vote NO on HB157 and HB429. Say NO to Loopholes minimizing patient care and choice.

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