United Nations and World Health Organization

Since 1999, institutes around United States (and some in China) have created a network that volunteers can join in help with various research projects in various areas of science. Research Institutes make projects, they split them in small file chunks, and volunteers can use a software called BOINC to get different small files (jobs) and use their computers at home to process that data. This has helped research institutes and universities in the US the find cures for HIV, find gravitational waves in space, find and analyze black holes and planets, and monitor and predict climate changes.

This petition has the purpose of pushing european universities and research center, to adopt the same technique. Why? Why should only one country have monopole about medical research? Why should only one country have the right to make vaccines and porfit out of it? By allowing only US and China take advantage of this type of volunteer work, they can gain more power than it should, and control over cures, vaccines and many more things! So we call to you, every single person in the world. We need the ability to offer our help so that EVERYONE can benefit from it. No one country should have such a huge power over a such an important and vital thing. We call on the european union to help, and universities and research centers to adopt this as soon as possible, so we can offer our help here, locally, "in house", so we can too find cures and vaccines, without the need to depend on countries that want to make profit out of it.

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