#Civil Rights

After watching the SICKENING footage of not one, not two, not even three Victorian police officers physically and verbally assault a mentally disabled pensioner, but SIX of them.

The only reason this footage was captured was because the man had CCTV footage after his home had recently been burgled.

Now, I would love to believe the police officers do DO what is right but I sadly believe this goes on a lot more than is known and it gets swept under the rug.

To chastise this poor man with remarks of ‘do you like that, do you like that’ whilst spraying pepper spray in his face at close range, I’ll answer the question for him, and the answer is “Of course he doesn’t like it you sadistic fuck”.

So, because I think this is absolute BULLSHIT and beyond appalling and I’m sick of nothing happening, with weak police statements saying ‘we all make mistakes’, you are right, all humans do make mistakes, however not all humans are assholes like the officers that attended that mans house that day.

So prove it, prove that they made a mistake and are being held accountable for their blood curling acts of probably the most lacking in humanity I have seen in some time, CHARGE THEM, just like you would US!!!!!!!!!!

We, the Australian public, want the six officers that attended the scene that day charged for their vile actions.

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